How to restore my pc to factory settings windows 8

By Admin 21.06.2018
Lets dive into the intricacies. Reset According to the Computer Brand. And in the search option, you can see an option Remove everything and reinstall Windows click on it to perform the clean-up utility, which can be used to flash your PC back to factory defaults.
Under the Settings panel that slides in, click the Change PC Settings button. Bagaimana setting miktoik Via Winbox. The following steps are just like when you install a system. From the Charms bar, click Settings. System Restore doesnt change your personal files, but it might remove recently installed apps and drivers. Before getting started, please make a backup of all important files on your computer.
Once the charms bar has been invoked click the Settings button. Both of these settings are available under the Modern UI PC Settings, and not through the conventional Control Panel.