How to double exposure images on photoshop

By Dominga 29.06.2018
The key in getting a good base photo is to have lots of contrastthats why silhouettes work well. At the time a few photographers were taking beautiful double exposures, achieving a similar effect to that seen in film and were doing it in camera on digital bodies. First, we have a female side profile from Stockvault. Make a trendy double exposure effect stylish.
How to double exposure images on photoshop — pic 2
A double exposure is two images, exposed on the same sheet of filmor in the case of digital, the same digital file. A double exposure involves two images. You can create a silhouette with any subject, but a popular option is to take a silhouette of a persons face.
How to double exposure images on photoshop
Aim for a dark subject, with a bright or even white background. Because at that point theres nothing to lose, but. How to Master Double Exposure in Photoshop. For some inspiration, browse some great examples of double exposure images on Pinterest.