How do you use insinuate in a sentence

By Admin 29.06.2018
He is a somewhat quiet, insightful boy. How do use the word insinuate in a sentence. What is a sentence using the word insinuating. Example sentences with the word insinuating.

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How do you use insinuate in a sentence
It was evidently a slight upon Lugo to insinuate that it had only one steeple. Insinuating myself into the group of spies was my job in World War II. You must not think, as you seem to insinuate, that in my way of life I want exercise. How to use insinuating in a sentence.
The same game is called Takhteh in Iran. Learn the definition of insinuate and how to use it in a sentence. During the debate, the senator tried to insinuate his opponent was not qualified for office. Do you mean to insinuate, you villain, that my wife stole her own diamonds. Ive been tempted to get an espresso machine, my sister has one, but Ive been getting by on my french press, which is okay. Find this Pin and more on house cleaning hints by.