How to find a signature perfume

By Bethany 26.06.2018
So how do you figure out what works for you. Everyone has a scent print, as unique as a finger print that is theirs alone. Find your new signature fragrance with this guide to the best perfumes for women, from woodsy nature blends to the latest generation of florals that are sweet but not cloying.

Luckily, its not all about heading over to the beauty counter and spritzing on every single bottle on display.

In perfume guide How to choose your perfect scent, I have gathered the information that I have found, my own experience with choosing perfumes and also recommendations of one perfumer, that I know. How you smell to others is important, and a good way to find your signature scent. The second line says that we add style to the body element.

In search of a signature scent.

How to find a signature perfume
But getting to that point is difficult, thanks to the complications of finding a signature perfume. That will just end in a headache. Our inspiration was a boudoir where unicorns copulate and their sweat creates a chypre musk.