How to protect your eyes when working on computer

By Admin 15.04.2019
Deliberately blink every five seconds or so. Since your body won't blink as much naturally, you'll have to be conscious of this and force yourself to blink. In order to avoid this, you'll have to properly protect your eyes both in front of and away from the computer.
Are you aware the symptoms of eyestrain on the computer. Use a document holder for placing documents that you look at regularly, and place it at the same distance as the monitor. Do you have a watch near you when youre working.
If you find our work helpful, you can shop through the links in our articles. To relieve the sinus pressure behind your eye, you will need to calm the inflammed sinuses by antiobiotics and other remedies. I am sure that if you will do a simple Google search you will find thousands of results on how to protect your eyes or eyesight from the harm of a computer. Unfortunately, this can result in eye strain or injury.