How to mic a piano for live sound

By Admin 14.03.2019
Capturing the natural timbre and the full dynamics of an instrument of these proportions requires both skill and quality recording equipment. Its a great trick to make the choruses seem larger than life. The best mic set-up in the world won't make an out-of. Placing the mounts directly on the sounding board under the strings gives a sharp pop sound for on-stage use with a penetrating honky-tonk sound color.

As part of our basic recording techniques video series, we review three techniques to capture the perfect piano sound.

Just keep your piano with a smaller stereo field during the verses. Scanned multiplate sensor--The single-plate spacing measurement can be extended to contour measurement by using many plates, how to mic a piano for live sound, each separately addressed. Because of its layout, recording a baby grand piano with microphones is quite similar to recording a grand piano. What to consider when miking a grand piano. Now more than ever, a quality digital piano or emulated virtual instrument sounds and feels exceptionally close to the real thing.
How to mic a piano for live sound
The third-party software Startup Sound Changer is very small in size and it doesnt install any malicious software or malware on your system during the download. How to view lap top computer video cameras from someone elses computer. How loud you want it will depend on the nature of the song. If youre using a piano with multiple microphones, try automating your panning during the choruses to be a little wider than the verses. Positioning your microphones inside the piano can help achieve a bright pop sound.