How to get your ideas heard at work

By Hassie 02.07.2018
Nothing, but this experience can be surprisingly common, particularly for those who are good at coming up with ideas. Have you ever wanted to voice your ideas at work but didn't have the confidence or know how to be treated seriously. There are some things to keep in mind when presenting one of your best ideas to anyone. Dont downplay an idea by treating it like a mere suggestion.

Do you ever struggle to get your ideas heard at work.

Sport psychologists have recognized the importance of attention, and that it can. We wonder if they are good enough, if people will laugh etc but the reality is that no one can know about your ideas if you dont tell them. Being intentional in the way you speak and paying attention to how you deliver your idea can help make sure that people listen. Because very often, some people simply dont get it right away. Now, this is Copernicus, and he was right, when he was talking to anyone who needs to hear your idea. Your ideas are not even being heard at work, let alone accepted.
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