Meaning of how u have been in hindi

By Luella 29.06.2018
What is is the meaning of been on the red or been on the black. Meaning of where have you been. Kya kar rahe ho means they are asking what are you doing right now. How have you been meaning in hindi.

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Kya means they are either shocked or surprised. How have you been Is usually asking what you have been like since you last saw the person, or spoke, or etc. S is calculated in the same way as. It is a fact that the best way to anger a bully is to ignore them. Usually problems at home, conflicts in sexuality, or they were in fact bullied themselves somewhere else. What is the meaning of the first sentence. Kya baat means they are praising.
Or in reverse if you were sad, but now happy. Maybe one day they can grow up to. How have you been upto meaning in hindi. How do you be mean to someone who has been mean to you.