Why do we have to conform to society

By Shanae 26.06.2018
If we all did what some idiot wanted us to do. Conformity is a kind of social influence that entails a change of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs to be perceived as normal in the society or social group. We have the right to be ourselves with our own ideas or be stupid en. I don't conform because for one the term normal in society doesn't exist.

Be careful, though, it can cause your dog to become more hyper sometimes.

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Conflicts arise when different groups of people have conformed to different values and behaviours and are actively influencing each other. Why is it that people feel an overwhelming sense to fit in. But what people conform to is some idiot's idea of what everyone should do. Due to the fact everyone is different in their own way. We would be servant's to him and his idea a world wide cultThat's whats so cool about the nation we live in. What are some ways that society wants us to conform.
Why do we have to conform to society
Did your parents ever use the old saying if all your friends jumped off a bridge, ould you. I want to transfer them to digital format, why do we have to conform to society, but I'm limited to scanning them into PDF and attaching them to a document tha. Ideas are spread through conformity. I do many things that are viewed as out of the norm in society, or even in my own home environment. Why do people generally conform to society, and what happens to those who don't conform. I view it as pathetic to reinforce somebody's self worth over a material item.