Bioshock pc cheats not working steam

By Kimberely 25.06.2018
I think I had to give the trainer Administrati. I am simply moving it over to the steam so that more people are aware of these awesome commands. For all of you trying to get cheats working in your BioShock game you bought on steam, you may notice they do not activate and trainers will not work. I take no credit for this work.

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Thanks Cheathappens for your awesome trainer. Ini still exists I think it likely would, this should enable keybinding of atleast most commands. This trainer features customizable hotkeys. Made exclusively for Cheat Happens.
Bioshock pc cheats not working steam
You will most likely have to go into the game options and load the Roster file yourself. Not sure if this still works in the Remastered, but given that alot of the commands are the same and the DefUser. BioShock Infinite Cheats, Codes, and Secrets for PC - GameFAQs. Ini file cheats listed here and on other sites are not working. These ligaments that connect the small bones together may be damaged or sprained due to a significant force during sports or other activities, causing a jammed finger, bioshock pc cheats not working steam.