100 reason why i love him

By Spencer 24.06.2018
Even though this person knows that you love them, they still want to know why. I love you not because I need you, I need you because I love You. I love the way you look at me and how it makes me feel peaceful and loved. It is not like you had a checklist that had to be completed before you decided to love this person.

And yet, whether you realize it or not, there are reasons that you do love this individual.

This way, hell think of you and your love for him the entire day. When I am with you, I can be myself. Get Up-to-the-minute iPhone Tips Enjoy Awesome Deals.
When you are in relationships, it is important to let your partner know why you love him or her. Your soulmate will feel more secure once you open up your heart and let real love inside. You can also use it as a way of making up after an argument. You might even feel like every single one of these reasons is applicable to your situation. You have such a beautiful smile and that smile makes me happy all day.