Project server 2010 resource capacity settings

By Erwin 20.06.2018
I needed a report that showed how much resource capacity I have in the next few months compared to the workload already scheduled. Configuring resource capacity planning. This helps to determine how much more work I can pile on my folks. How much time do I have for Windows or Red Hat engineering work.

Can you confirm that you have not changed the default RBS custom field to allow multiple values.

The steps below show how to adjust the Resource Capacity settings at the system level. On the Server Settings page, in the Operational Policies section, click Additional Server Settings. In the Additional Server Settings section scroll to the Resource Capacity Settings sectio. Free Microsoft Project Training. How to Repair a Skagen Crystal. In the Operational Policies section select Additional Server Settings.

However I have a RBS value defined for my resources so I don't know why this field does not appear in that view.

You will find the Capacity setting information in the Resource Capacity Settings section of the page. On the Additional Server Settings page, in the Resource Capacity Settings section, for Active capacity view, enter the following. DigestZen, TerraZyme, PB Assist, PB Assist Jr.