How to take before and after weight loss photos

By Raphael 23.06.2018
Wear the same clothes for every photo. Take your measurements the morning of the photo shoot, or the day before. For more details, measure even more spots, such as.

Whatever you do, consistency is key.

How to take before and after weight loss photos — pic 2
The right lighting, clothing choice and camera angles can make all the difference in documenting your changing body. Later you will want to see what you are hiding now, so ladies, wear a bikini or a sports bra and short shorts. Get Keaira LaShaes tips for taking great before and after photos in this video tutorial. You're doing the hard work, so make sure you're capturing it with the best Before and After photos to show it all off. And those before photos can be a huge wake-up call.
In fact, even the very act of shooting the before photos is motivating -it makes you impatient to get started so that you can take your afters. The testimonials featured may have used more than one Beachbody product or extended the program to achieve their maximum results. That way, your body is the only thing we see changing. Try to take the photos from different angles. Dont go with measurements that are more than a week old. Ideally, your before and after photos will show you doing the same poses, wearing the same clothes, in the same place both before and after your transformation. Rainier and be sure to get on the gondola ride at Crystal resort for the.