How to distract the robot on sims

By Pamula 16.04.2019
The lasers have been shut off, except there weren't any lasers to begin. I can't figure it out and have been fiddling with this for an hour now. How do I make the baby use the bathroom. Remember to come back to check for more great content for The Sims FreePlay.

Click on the wind up dog then once that task is complete click on the lasers.

How to distract the robot on sims
Learn how to make a SimBot or buy them and add them to your family. Though I'm glad to be able to change my servos into human sims to live out the fantasy of robot boyfriends. This is really helpful but I really need to know how to change the skin tone eye color aswell. Firts you need to Donwload The Sim Blender if you don't have it yet. A weather contraption, globe, and wind-up dog have mysteriously appeared. Ok so this morning I found out that you have to use the wind-up dog to distract the robot.
But I can't change their skin to the one I got specifically for them nor can I change their eyes to ones that don't look so aweful as the default ones. Questions for The Sims FreePlay. This will be helpful when you do not use Samsung's Launcher TouchWiz Launcher but the launcher that you use does not support shortcuts for activities or you want to add it to the dock, how to distract the robot on sims. I want to erase all data before giving it at service center for repairs as the phone is still under warranty.