How to build a cold frame for starting seeds

By Nena 21.06.2018
If you have a south facing location to put your cold frame, preferably close to the house, this will provide the most heat. Cold frames extend your growing season late into fall and give you a jump start on spring seedlings. Good luck on your window search. When those first frosts of fall hit, youll want to protect your precious plants.

Cold frames are so easy to build.

From Help--Open Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel. Cold frames are easy to build and use, heres how to go about it. Oklahoma Gardning host Kim Toscano demonstrates how to build a cold frame for starting plants in the vegetable garden during frost-prone early spring. This usually gives about a months head start on spring and summer vegetables. Thats totally up to you and your location. Thanks Patrick, I'll have a look at that one as well.
With the right frame, you can enjoy fresh lettuce in mid-winter and ripe tomatoes weeks earlier than your neighbors. Extending your growing season for cold weather veggies, and hardening off seedlings you started indoors. Its there, you just cant see it due to the uneven surface of the moon around where the flag has been placed. Use the right materials and enjoy starting your garden when others are still shoveling snow.