How to make a treasure chest out of a plastic box

By Tarra 27.06.2018
No matter if your pirate garb is for Halloween or a pirate themed event, every pirate needs a chest for his treasure. I'll show you how to make the treasure chest you find in the game, mainly the way I painted it to look like one. Recycle an old shoebox into a treasure chest for children to use as a prop when playing pirates, or for stashing their own treasures. The fist lid cladding piece was chamfered on the lower edge so that it would sit flush with the top edge of the box but also lean into the curve as shown.
How to make a treasure chest out of a plastic box — pic 1
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How to make a treasure chest out of a plastic box
The applications work as normal when the proxy is turned off. To make a pirates treasure chest box, paint the box black. Not only will you have a lot of fun and have an immense feeling of satisfaction by planning your own wedding abroad you will also save money on the costs of using a wedding planner or Tour Operator. Reenforce your cardboard treasure chest. If you are cutting a box in two or have two identical boxes, cut them so you have a long box for the base and a short box for the lid. Diy climbing cardboard circus men toys pink stripey socks, I love making interactive toys for chuck. In fact, authentic treasure chests were often crudely made so fine woodworking joints might be considered out of place on this project.