Why do my eyes get red when im high

By Admin 27.06.2018
Why do my hamster have red eyes. Do i have some sort of optical disease that wont let me get red eyes when im high. Want a reason why my eyes don't even go red-ish.
Sometimes like now my eyes go abit bloodshot when im tired they do it in the mornings to. What if I don't open up my eyes. Why do my eyes hurt when I don't get enough sleep. Why do my eyes get red constantly. How can I reduce my eyes getting red.
Placing a cool, wet rag over the eyes is also helpful, especially if the bloodshot eyes are caused by overworking them. I know its lack of sleep but why do they go bloodshot. What do you do when you get a red eye. Why don't my eyes not open in sunlight. Eyes often burn and itch, as well.