Windows automatic update settings grayed out

By Vernita 23.06.2018
I tried to reset the setting but the setting is greyed out. Automatic Update settings grayed out is probably a Group Policy setting. If you have an university-owned computer in a campus office that has its Automatic Updates options grayed out, it is probably because of an Active Directory group policy. Ever since, the windows updates advanced settings is grayed out.

Meaning that I cannot set the time when the computer should restart after applying windows updates.

Windows automatic update settings grayed out
I don't have money for a backup hard drive. There is a banner heading the page which says some setting options have been fixed or removed by the system administrator.
After I join my tablet to a domain, I notice that the time is always not correct. Msc in the Cortana search box, select the Local Group Policy Editor from results. Secret To Winning Bottle Up Game At Fair.