Smart rotation not working note 3

By Londa 21.06.2018
I have limited time for replacement. Thank you and hope to hear some solutions. I live in Europe, so sending it back to China is my last option because I won't see phone for another month or two. Hello friends, ere we are going to remove the auto rotating sensor not working.

Ever since, I hadn't used the camera yet until today, and I found out that the rotation sensor is malfunctioning.

Smart rotation not working note 3
Now manually write persist file. Smart Rotation is a particularly useful feature for folks who love reading e-books, or watching a video while lying down in bed. The lincoln data sheet has charts with recommended settings for different, smart rotation not working note 3. Find out how silica makes an electric water heater safe with information from a science teacher in this free video on electricity and science lessons.
I'm having trouble getting my screen rotation to work. I turned smart rotate off, bec they said it causes that becuz it follows your faces orientation. Unlock Boot Loader from BST or Manually. Check it out and do let us know how it works. Smart Rotation uses the front-facing camera to detect what orientation your face is at, and automatically matches the rotation of the display with it. Fast boot flash persist persist. In fact, it even works at angles, which makes it all the more useful.