How f1 gearboxes work

By Wendolyn 01.07.2018
Some gearboxes have only oneselector rod, others three. It is higher than top gear and so gives economic driving at cruising speeds. The input shaft takes the drivefrom the engine when theclutch is engaged into thegearbox. The main gear drives two additional gears in the diff casing, a diff gear, and then eventually propels.

The teams Director of Engineering, Patrick Head, talks us through its evolution.

How f1 gearboxes work — pic 1
Anyway, it was a lot of fun to take this apart and see whats inside. You are at liberty to customize the Control Strip region of your Touch Bar and include a Screenshot option. But its been a while since I worked on any part of any car, let alone a Formula One car gearbox as you can probably see in this video. I used to work on race cars many years ago. I have personally been around to several houses and hardly any of them have bed canopies. Set Format to Web Hosting for DVD, USB and online delivery. The complex steering wheel design now seen in modern cars originated in this high-speed sport, among many other automotive features.
How f1 gearboxes work
All the gears except those needed for reverse are constantly in mesh. He is able to change gears within a split second.