When a guy says lets be friends first

By Savanna 29.06.2018
He may like you but like someone else at the same time so by saying something like this he has you around too. Friends dont treat each other the way he treated you. I love a girl very much but she doesn't want to accept me as her boyfriend. What if he says, Let's be friends for a while.
When a guy says lets be friends first — pic 2
What does it mean when a woman says 'you are my friend, not boyfriend'. What does it truly mean when a guy says 'let's just be best friends' to end the relationship. It hurts so bad and the memories you two had to keep running through your head. Then all of a sudden you get hit with let's just be friends. Its not fair, its not right and it leads you on to thinking something is going to happen even though it never will.
How do you breakup with a friend. I am not sure but he may have realized that you guys are better off as friends. Getting up for barefoot water skiing is made much easier with a boom pole. My feelings are hey this one doesn't want me-- ok there is a better one to come along. Never give up and never stop believing. Malwarebytes constantly blocking outgoing connections.