How to burn a cd with music from ipod

By Admin 23.06.2018
Can I save Apple Music for offline listening. The Burn Settings window appears. You just need a proper CD or DVD burner, such as Apples own Super Drive, which is included in most Macs.

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Make sure the items you want to include have a checkmark beside them. All you need is iTunes and a computer with a CD burner. At least for the first month, it may be helpful to use a phone app to keep track of feedings and diaper changes for your newborn. It's not able to burn a disc directly from your iTunes library, the Radio, a shared playlist or your iPod.
How can I burn my subscribed Apple Music on a CD. This video is a detailed tutorial on how to take songs from an iTunes library and burn them onto a CD. Its app icon resembles a multicolored musical note on a white background.