Funniest things to do when drunk

By Jacquline 14.03.2019
What was the smartest thing you did while you were drunk. From wine to moonshine to absinthe to the more commonly consumed drinks of the modern world, alcohol has been one of the best methods man has partaken of to basically have a good time. What do you prefer sparkling wine or mixed cases wine. Sunday is fun day, so enjoy your life in small sweet moments.

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Funniest things to do when drunk — pic 1
Being drunk is the perfect excuse to do just that. Fish are drunk leaner, and don't want to cook those long at all. Remember the days after a bad break up when all you wanted to do was call your ex. And you go on shouting, even when you don't really know the words.
Clearly, students acquire most of the skills they. What animals can get drunk in the same way humans can. The poet-philosopher Lucretius MAY have reached a different conclusion, but certainly did no experiments. Its real fun and everyone should try it. A friend in need, a companion till death Actually causes death.