Rundll error loading c documents and settings

By Ward 22.06.2018
I am constantly getting these fake spyware removal pop ups. I understand that vaguely that a dll file has something to do with an application. If you can't find a good explanation for the file name in a Google search, chances are good that your system is now or has been infected with malicious software.

Cheers -Solutions- An error like that usually relates to a program th.

After that delete all the found registry entries. Exe but it's looks bad for our customers. Disabling a startup item does not delete or uninstall anything - it just disables it. Go to the Start menu and open Run, type in RegEdit and Enter. Dll the specified module is not found. Avi the specified could not be found. Run for a while until you are comfortable that all your stuff works without it, then you can use Autoruns to delete the offending startup entry.
Rundll error loading c documents and settings
MGtools will frequently run even and only if your internet connection does not work. Since it does not get any hits that make sense in a Google search, that makes it suspicious.