1 pound butter equals how many sticks

By Kandice 09.07.2018
Use the butter converter above for the butter conversion answers. But yikes, shouldnt there be a standard of some sort when it comes to how cookbooks list the amount of butter. JavaScript source code simple html butter units calculator - converter program.

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It is most often sold in a box of four sticks, although some stores sell it by the stick.

Quickly understand how butter is measured and weighed around the world. Measuring butter, and most all ingredients for that matter, is always most accurately done using a kitchen scale. To measure butter for recipes, the wrapping on the stick often shows tablespoon marks. Try to get into the habit of weighing butter instead of adding it to measuring cups or using the guide on the package. Butter sold in sticks is common in the United States, but is not found in most other countries. There are four sticks in one pound of butter.