How to make rainbow colored slime

By Adell 03.07.2018
We decided to give it a colorful twist by making rainbow neon slime. Its vibrant colors make this slime an enjoyable activity to play with any day. Though your rainbow slime might be a bit more on the pastel side depending on how much food coloring you use. If you cant get your hands on clear glue, try white PVA glue.

How to make rainbow colored slime — pic 2
From glitter slimes to squishy slime to magnetic and glow in the dark varieties, slime is more popular than we ever imagined it could be. There are different methods to make rainbow slime and this article will share a few. If youve been in a craft store lately, perhaps you have seen the large gallons of Elmers glue sitting at the front of the store and wondered why.

Make cool rainbow slime, also called galaxy slime, using only a few simple ingredients.

Rainbow slime is a pretty, vibrant slime that is fun to play and look at it. To make the neon rainbow colors, we tried two different methods, neon food coloring and liquid watercolors. The slime oozes and stretches and isnt sticky at all as it would seem to be. We followed the slime recipe on Steve Spanglers page, but since we made a LOT of slime in different colors. Want to learn how to make slime at home.