What does independent and dependent events mean in math

By Mariam 03.07.2018
Math Precalculus Probability and combinatorics Dependent events. Learn the difference between independent and dependent variables in science and math. I did a search on Google but could not find anything that explains the definition of weakly dependent events. Independent dependent probability.

What does weakly dependent mean.

Could someone please enlighten me. In math what does dependent mean. If you need a less-than probability that is, pX. Ultimately, the key to handling independent and dependent events is to think of them only in terms of their mathematical definitions. Independent vs Dependent Variables. The dependent variable is the variable calculated from the independent variable.

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Independent variables directly influence dependent variables. So, when you have an equation with two variables, one of the variables is independent and one is dependent. For example, I do contract work where I get paid for every hour of work I do in a given week.