What is homegroup on my desktop

By Admin 21.06.2018
We are pretty much sure that you should have tried deleting that icon at least ones. When the join tab is clicked it states that a homegroup is not detected. I know and respect the fact that Sharief K is a Microsoft Support Engineer.
If the CPU temperature exceeds the maximum allowed limit, it may cause random computer reboots, system failure--a blue screen in Windows--or even a permanent damage to your processor. Next, create a system restore point. Check the hotel where you are staying, as they normally will have this information on their website. The laptop is set up on the network so what is the problem. It is just an annoyance, but one that I do not need. This shortcut refuses to jump into the recycle bin when I direct it so.
I did read how to remove the Icon from the desktop and how to remove Homegroup entirely. How can I permanently get rid of this icon on my desktop. How is an umbilical hernia treated. Silver Fabric for the Parachutes and Fire Balloons, what is homegroup on my desktop. And why did it just show up on my desktop.