How to backup your files on windows 8

By Cristy 30.06.2018
Do not back up files to the same hard disk that Windows is installed on. You can back up your files to an external hard drive or network, but it cannot save files on main Windows drive. Then Im going to hit next and Im going to let Windows choose.

Before you begin, make sure youre logged in as an Administrator.

Backing up your files on your computer is one of the most important items you can setup on your computer. System image contains a copy of Windows and copies of your programs, system settings, and files. Type File History anywhere on the Metro screen an. A unicorn horn is called an Alicorn.
How to backup your files on windows 8
The system image is stored in a separate location from the original programs, settings, and files. To learn how to back up and restore individual files on a Windows-based computer. Answers are showing in the picture. You can set up Windows Backup to back up files with the option to include a system image. Now, select File Backup under the Backup tab. In previous versions of Windows there has always been a system utility to make backup copies of your files.