Arkham city catwoman dlc not working

By Renay 29.06.2018
But I am hoping that for Return to Arkham City there will be an option to do the main story without the Catwoman side story and vice versa. But I know I have installed it because it's taking up space on my hard drive. In the main menu, if you can select Catwoman episodes then it's installed.

David Lopez Hair, New York, NY.

The line repeats second time later in the file do the same thing to it and save the changes. I can even see the DLC from the main game cover screen- but even launching the DLC directly from there doesn't work. I've seen a couple of posts here, but it doesn't look like anyone has managed so far.

She has three parts to her story, the last of which you will begin after you complete the main story.

Arkham city catwoman dlc not working
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