What is the use of desktop.ini

By Assunta 29.08.2018
Ini file can technically be deleted from any directory, although it's not advised. It is time for you to set about making use of Desktop. We will also see how to customize folders using a desktop. Ini file, right-click the file icon and select Delete from the drop-down menu.

Ini files control things like the icon used for that folder and its localized name.

What is the use of desktop.ini
Ini file, the icon would revert to what it was before. In File Explorer, select the folder you feel like to customize with Desktop. Ini file and what is its purpose. All this information about the presentation of that folder is saved in the desktop. You pronounce words beginning with the letter S by putting an E in front of it, estop instead of stop, desktop.ini. This post will explain all your basic questions regarding the desktop. These files can be found in any folder, anywhere on your computer, as long as that folder has a custom appearance set for it.

You can also select the desktop.

Ini file is automatically generated to save those changes. This article explains all your basic questions about the desktop. For example, if a certain folder has a custom icon set by you or by the operating system, that icon's path is stored in the Desktop.