Facebook sdk installation failed

By Admin 26.08.2018
I have two Android app that uses facebook sdk with same facebook Application for login and share pictures. Error with Box SDK in Android Studio. Android studio error while adding mopub sdk.

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When the user runs the app, you would have. Until you remember that time you accidentally curled your lashes too much. Create a new project make a carthage file with facebook sdk run carthage upda. This implies that App B cannot be used on its own. The problem is that when I try to install an app on a device which already has the same app installed but different flavor, it raises an error. MDM iPCU Profile Installation Failed in iOS SDK.
Facebook sdk installed into my project. I would like if there's a way for use same provider and avoid that error. I'm facing a strange problem with android studio. So, in this way my two apps couldn't be installed at the same time on the same device. All schemes building correctly.