Where do you get the tm substitute in pokemon white 2

By Alethea 22.08.2018
The numbers given are for Pokemon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon and may vary in other games. Ok, I using pokegen to generated a ar code for genesect event wonderca. Where are all the TM BUY locations in Pokemon White.

You can search compatiblility via Pokemon name or types.

But you have to surf of course. Where is the TM Flash Cannon in White Version. Where is the TM Sandstorm in White. Every FAQ just says its at Ridge. Why are you reporting this answer. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about latte mug. Where can I get tm Solarbeam in white.
Where can I find The TM for Scald in Pokemon white. Move power, effect, and compatible Pokemon can be found here. While your there, through another entrance at the top left, there is a path with a guy facing the wall. A scientist on the first floor will give you it once you complete the habitat list for the mountain. Trainers can give these training discs to their Pokemon so that they can learn some new moves and try to have an upper hand in the battle. Hone Claw It can raise the accuracy and attack of the Pokemon. These Pokemon learn Substitute at the level specified.