How to install stanley pocket door hardware

By Tony 24.06.2018
Save floor space or hide a door into the design and floor plan of your home by installing a pocket door. Complete installation of the Johnson pocket door and show how to install a pocket door in Los Angeles. Compare new parts to the old for a proper fit. These doors disappear into the wall when opened, rather than taking up space in one room or the other.

That allows you to match the pocket door to other doors that are already installed.

How to install stanley pocket door hardware — pic 2
Using Pocket Door Hardware, Vintage Doors and a DIY Partition Wall to Close and Open Floor Plan. Either read the article below, or watch the free video course to learn how. Homemade fish masala powder recipe that you can use instantly for making fish fry. Stanley Pocket Door Hardware Information.
How to install stanley pocket door hardware — pic 1
If you're looking to update your style and remove a pocket door to replace with a new one, it isn't difficult to do. Barn doors are cool, but pocket doors are more space efficient. A pocket door is the perfect solution for closing off an open section of your home or office or adding a quick way to move from room to room where a wall currently exists. These disappearing sliding doors are the ideal solution for small spaces.