How to iron a dress shirt without starch

By Carlotta 30.07.2018
Watch the video or read the instructions below. Hello I'm Donna Beth Joy Shapiro on behalfof expertvillage. If youre ironing a synthetic fabric, give the starch a minute to set in before ironing.
The fact is a lot of grown men dont know how to iron a shirt. You never know when you're going to find yourself with a wrinkled shirt and no iron. How to Cook Poori in Induction Cookware.
How to iron a dress shirt without starch — pic 2
I cant guarantee that these settings will work for you. Keep a shirt crisp and fresh with light starch and a steamer. While most shirts are starched with an iron, using a hand-held steamer will give similar results. Hang the shirt on a shirt hanger and smooth it out with your hands. Flip the shirt over and do the same thing to the outside of the collar. Because if you dont iron your work shirts, for example, you might as well be wearing the onesie you sweated your hangover into on Sunday. Use your hands to smooth out the wrinkles and let the shirt dry.