How to fix error 3194 when restoring ipod touch

By So 22.06.2018
Download the Custom Host File and replace it with existing one. If you have previously jailbroken any iDevice, then your hosts file was definitely edited, even if it was not you who did it. You can solve this error by using tiny umbrella software.
How to fix error 3194 when restoring ipod touch
As for why it happens, there are two reasons. The first method you can use is to change hosts file on your computer to make sure that iTunes can communicate with Apple's update server. Your iTunes software can work on the latest version of iOS.

ITunes does not have the authority to amend or fix previous versions the operating system.

Well, one reason this error occurs is that iTunes is unable to connect to Apples update server. Samsung is one of the most popular smartphones which comes with a wide variety of functions and features. The good thing about this approach is that you dont have to install any software because you can access your router from any device. Stating that, it becomes obvious that acquiring how to fix it becomes the most commonly asked question in the iFans world. Fix iPhone Bluetooth not Working problem.