How to open micoach stride sensor

By Angelika 14.07.2018
Youll also find three pieces of paper, describing the one item you received. Available in the miCoach Pacer Bundle. The app now supports more heart rate monitors, and also stride length sensors which attach to your shoes and laces. The Stride Sensor is splashproof and can be used outdoors.
The footpod technically has two pieces, the first is the pod itself, thats the green part. Do I need to loosen something first. Begin by removing the shell from the frame.

ANT stride sensor to track your pace, distance and stride rate during workouts.

One tells you how to use it quick start guide, one tells you how not to use it legal thingy, and one tells you what to do if you screw up using it warranty guide. Visit the manufacturer's website. Find the software in the Windows Phone Store here. We've been alerted of a new update pushed out to the store.